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Frequently Asked Questions

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I have dental insurance so can I still join CAPS?

Yes, CAPS has many members who have dental insurance through work yet have found CAPS to be beneficial when they’ve reached their maximum or for non-covered dental treatment.

How soon can I contact a dental provider after enrolling?

If enrolling online or over the phone you are able to schedule dental care immediately.  If enrolling by mail you can schedule dental care as soon as the enrollment is received by the CAPS office.

I’m currently in discomfort, can I still enroll and receive the savings?

Yes, pre-existing issues do not preclude you from receiving benefits from our plan, even those who are missing teeth. Your dental savings are immediately available upon enrollment regardless of the current state of your oral health.

Can I enroll just myself or dependent now and add an additional member later?

Yes, you can enroll as an individual and at any time through the membership year add additional members.  Just contact CAPS and a pro-rated membership fee will be determined.

Will I save on dental procedures that are considered cosmetic?

YES, cosmetic dentistry and even adult orthodontics are available to members.

Do I have to commit to a specific dental office when enrolling?

No, members are free to choose from any of the participating dental providers.  Members of the same household are free to seek dental care at different locations.

I need the care of a dental specialist such as an oral surgeon, can CAPS help?

Though not as extensive as our general dentist network CAPS does make available the dental specialist in the fields of orthodontics, endodontics, oral surgeons and periodontists.

What’s the annual cost and how do I enroll?

You have three options for enrollment: online, over the phone & by mail.  Memberships run for a 12 month period from the date of enrollment.  Members of the same plan are required to reside together, with the exception of college students.

  • Individual Membership is $66.00
  • Individual Plus One (which can be any two individuals) is $86.00
  • Family Membership (more than two individuals includes dependents to age 25) is $106.00.

Because no two mouths are alike, CAPS believes a dental plan should be individualized to address & treat your own personal dental needs.  Join CAPS now! It would be a privilege for CAPS to help you achieve your personal goals for good oral health.