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Was the dental office aware of the reason you choose not to return? With having asked the question of many consumers over the years I’ve determined that most of us just don’t share that information.

So when a member calls CAPS with a concern or question I’m thrilled. Having the opportunity to address the members concern or questions I’ve found to be invaluable in CAPS efforts to make dentistry a more positive experience.

Here’s a great example how better communication can make positive changes;

Over a period of about 2 months CAPS heard from Members who were expressing their displeasure with their recent dental check-up. The source of concern was coming from the same dental office and involved the same employee. They all felt the hygienist was a bit to condescending in discussing their oral care protocol. To some, it was reason to find a new dentist. But having communicated their concerns with CAPS we were able to discover that the hygienist in question, was a new graduate and a bit over zealous in sharing her new knowledge with patients. She was appalled when she heard how her patients were perceiving her and quickly adjusted her approach which lead to a better dental experience for all.

I have always found that constructive conversations are the ones that lead to changes while destructive conversations accomplishes nothing. Please join us in our efforts to improve the dental experience for everyone and share your questions and perspectives on all aspects of dentistry.

In this particular forum I’m not looking for negativity, but I am looking for real practical insight that can be helpful in creating a more positive dental experience.

So, what was the reason you left your last dentist? Was the dental office aware of the reason?

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