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Effective Brushing Tips to Keep Your Teeth in Tip Top Shape

It’s true. According to the Mayo Clinic, a healthy mouth is more than just good dental hygiene. It’s also tied to your overall health. For something so crucial to a healthy you, it’s important to get it right. Using proper brushing techniques and equipment is part of the formula for good dental health. Here’s how to brush your teeth the right way for effectiveness.

Choose the Right Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste

The proper job requires the proper tools. To reap the benefits of healthy teeth, you need the right tooth brush and tooth paste for the job. Not all tooth brushes are created equal and neither are toothpastes. What better way to choose what’s right for you than to follow advice by the American Dental Association.

The ADA provides these tips in choosing the right tooth brush for you. First, consider comfort in use. If the brush is comfortable and fits well in your hand and mouth then you’ll most likely use it regularly. Next, consider whether you prefer hard or soft bristles or something in between. Then choose the appropriate size for your mouth. A small mouth warrants a smaller tooth brush for ease and comfort in use.

With regard to the right tooth paste, you’ll want one that contains ingredients to help ward off gum disease and tooth decay. According to ADA, fluoride is a mineral that is a natural cavity fighter. Fluoride helps protect tooth enamel, which in turn helps prevent tooth decay. Some tooth pastes also have active ingredients that fight gum disease such as gingivitis and protects against plaque buildup. Check your toothpaste for these ingredients to help protect your teeth.

If you have sensitive or stained teeth, look for a tooth paste with ingredients specifically for sensitive teeth and with whitening compound that can remove stains.

How You Brush and How Often You Brush Matters

For effectiveness, dental professionals recommend that you brush your teeth at least twice daily. It is also important that you don’t rush the process. You must spend the right amount of time brushing and you must use certain techniques to make sure you clean your teeth properly.

The ADA recommends the following tips to ensure the effectiveness of your brushing routine:

  • Hold you tooth brush as a 45-degree angle toward your gums.
  • Make sure you make contact with the area where the teeth and gum meet
  • Gently brush using back and forth strokes making contact with all teeth surfaces
  • Clean the teeth chewing surfaces as well as the inside surfaces
  • Brush your gums and tongue to rid your mouth of bacteria that caused bad breath.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you brush your teeth for optimum effectiveness.

Use a Clean Tooth Brush

Always use a clean tooth brush to avoid transfer of germs and bacteria. Clean and rinse your tooth brush after each use. It’s okay to clean with a small amount of hand soap with a rigorous rinse. Also know when it’s time to throw your toothbrush away. Some tooth brushes have built indicators to let you know when it’s time to throw it away. If not, just replace the toothbrush when the bristles become really worn or every three month, whichever comes first.

In summary, it doesn’t matter if you use a manual or electric tooth brush. What matters most it that you choose one that is comfortable and easy to use. It also matters that you brush regularly – twice per day at the very least – using a toothpaste with properties that promote dental health. For tooth brushes and tooth paste, look for products that have the seal of approval for the ADA and you won’t likely go wrong.